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What have we learned about service design?

During Thursday and Friday, we continued with the Runway course for Culture Professionals, this time focusing on service design and case studies with Katarína Pribylo, Tímea Szőke and Marek Mencl.

The third block of our course for people in culture brought more interesting moments. Participants discussed:

  • Sustainability applies not only to the environment but also to human resources. Recognizing the importance of networking at the local, regional, and international levels.

  • Instead of immediately seeking solutions to a problem, they focused on identifying the core of the problem and finding a long-term effective solution during the course. (Example: how answers might differ to the question "What will our next exhibition look like?" versus "How can we instill a love for modern art in people?")

  • The ability to empathize to better adapt to different target groups. As part of an exercise, they looked at their services through the perspective of single parents.

  • It's essential to realize not only what/who can contribute to my project but also what contribution I bring to it.

  • It's crucial not to be afraid and to experiment.

Interesting insights, aren't they? We are looking forward to next ones!



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