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Lucia Dubačová


Lucka came to the team as a fresh wind three months before the project was handed over and she managed to draw the best out of it. As a project manager, she is in charge of leading the team, planning further directions as well as working with partners and building a project vision. In everyday life, Lucka works as the founder of the festival of digital art and culture Sensorium and in Inolab of the Slovak Design Center.



Veronika Žák Sučanská

Outreach Manager

Veronika largely focused on the Outreach part of the project and considered how to involve all groups of residents in the process of preparation and implementation of the project. As an employee of the city, Veronika works with young people. In addition, she takes part in the GLOBSEC Bratislava forum every year.



Peter Kohout

Infrastructure Projects Coordinator

Peter, as the architect of the city of Trenčín, worked to a large extent within the project as the chief planning strategist of the Capacity to Deliver part. He is an excellent saxophonist and plays in several important Slovak bands.


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Natália Husárová

Marketing Coordinator

Natália has been part of the team since September 2021. She manages social media, website and participates in the creation of the marketing communication of the Trenčín 2026 project. She gain here knowledge in Trenčín-based creative agency and coworking Fleck community.


Lenka Kuricová

Artistic Director

Lenka worked mainly on the chapter Cultural and Artistic Content in the Bid Book Cultivating Curiosity. She consulted the program, the content of numerous projects and the whole concept with many experts, including her professor from the VŠVU in the field of Intermedia Multimedia Ilona Németh. In everyday life, Lenka works as a creative entrepreneur and co-founder of the Slovak design brand Pucle.



Terina Slezák Barčáková

International Relations Manager 

Thanks to Terina, we managed to establish a lot of cooperation with other ECoC cities and her task was to contact and invent various connections within the program as well as other parts of the project. Terina is a graduate of production at the VŠMU, currently she is engaged in marketing and copwriting, but she is especially the founder of the Trenčín Priestor festival.




Zuzana Kvasnicová

Production Manager

Zuzka graduated from the University of Economics in Bratislava and works within the Trenčín 2026 team as the main production member. She works with people and never uses the words "I don't know" and "I can't" :) Her life is enriched by her son Anthony, and when she doesn't work, she loves to wander across the world. She worked on a large production project of czech artist Kateřina Šedá called SATURDAY ON SUNDAY and she has a role as a senior production member of our team.



Veronika Juricová

Program Coordinator

Veronika loves books, so that's why she's studying editorship and publishing experience at UKF in Nitra. She practices her skills in the nationwide student magazine HMOTA, in which she holds the position of chief editor. In our team, she is an intern in the program department, where she helps to facilitate the work of her colleagues - she communicates and organizes meetings, provides the necessary materials and handles all tasks that occur during the day. She is also always opened to help anyone who needs it.


Alexander Topilin

Program Coordinator

Alexander devoted his study of Architecture at STU within the project to program assistance but also to the creation of interesting visual collages. Alexander is a co-founder of the Trenčín association Hlava 5, he co-organizes the city festival Priestor. 



Kristína Milová

Executive Assistant

Kika is one of the most important element of the whole project. She is in charge of communication with various focus groups within the city, she takes care of paying invoices or solving unsolvable assignments.


Snímka obrazovky 2021-12-09 o 10.09.04.png

Mirka Gúčiková

PR Manager

Mirka has been part of the team since September 2021. She is in charge of what we do and what happens here. She writes news on our website and texts for promotional materials, collaborates on marketing campaigns, is in charge of delivering news for the media and contact with them. From time to time as a consultant, she helps people give soul to their presentations. Her love is the village library in Podolie, which she has been running and revitalizing for years.



Martin Pyšný

Senior Graphic Designer

Thanks to Martin, the entire visual identity of Cultivating Curiosity was created, which is carried not only in the printed Bid Book but also in the entire visual communication. Martin is professionally involved in graphic design, especially type design and is behind, for example, the custom typography for Dyslexics.

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