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"What would we do as a museum if we suddenly lost our buildings or collections? Would we be finished?" 🤔

Participants left our first educational meeting with such thoughts.

New impulses for people in the culture sector help create a richer cultural offering for all of us. That's why we are launching the Runway | Culture Professionals course for the fourth time, free of charge. It was kicked off by lecturer Agnieszka Wlazel, who has been dedicated to the topic of audience development for 30 years. During her workshop, the following points were made:

➡️ We usually focus on gaining new audiences, but there could be great potential in our current audience.

➡️ When planning any activities, it's important to consider whether they make sense in the given place and time, to ensure they are not just self-serving.

➡️ Negative feedback is an excellent source of insights for audience development.

➡️ From a psychological perspective, it is better to give something to people for free rather than for a symbolic price. The audience can also value free things, especially if we communicate their limited number.

➡️ The audience wants to learn, but they don’t want to be taught.

We look forward to more global experts who will bring fresh insights!

Photo: Juraj Majerský



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