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Runway | Educational programs

European Capital of Culture requires projects and events at international level. In order to be able to organise them in Trenčín, we are launching Runway - training programmes for a variety of people - from professionals in culture, to young people who want to create events and festivals, to those who want to be ambassadors of the European Capital of Culture in their communities. Runway will be our common runway towards the European Capital of Culture 2026.



One of the programs is Runway | Culture Professionals. It is a semester-long training course aimed at increasing competences in the field of cultural management. It will help to bring strategic planning, interdisciplinarity, sustainability and an international context to an organisation or project. It also focuses on working with audiences and teamwork. It is designed for cultural managers who want to take their projects or organisations to an international level.


Two courses are successfully behind us, and we will launch registration for the third one, which will start in the fall, in the second half of August 2023.


Learn more about the course.

Program Runway | English for culture and tourism was set up to meet the needs of people working in the field of culture and tourism. Thanks to it, successful participants will improve their presentation of the organization, the project, themselves, the preparation of project documentation, networking in an international environment, telephone calls and video conferences in English. In addition, they will be ready for the arrival of foreign artists, male and female tourists, which the title will bring us. Registration for this year's course is closed.


The first year of 2022/2023 has already ended, and we will open another one in the new school year.

Follow us and you will learn more.

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