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Take your cultural organisations and projects to an international level!

About the course Runway | Culture Professionals

This is a training course aimed at increasing competences in the field of cultural management. It will help to bring strategic planning, interdisciplinarity, sustainability and an international context to an organisation or project. It also focuses on working with audiences and teamwork.

Similar training has so far also taken place in Košice under the Escalator project, which was a turning point in the functioning of many cultural organisations in Košice. A nice example is also the international project Tandem.  


We successfully completed the pilot course Runway | Culture Professionals in January 2023, and we welcomed several foreign lecturers to Trenčín, such as the British culture industry expert David Parrish. You can find a short interview with him in this article, or you can read interesting info about the Runway | Culture Professionals course right here on David's website.   


Who is the semester training course for?  


The programme is designed for cultural managers from public and private organisations and institutions (representatives of both established and non-established culture) who want to take their projects or organisations to an international level. It is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced students. It is also open to those who are interested in working outside the Trenčín region. The pilot course was attended by people from both established and non-established culture, as well as public administration.  


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What specific topics does the course develop?






What does it look like in practice?

  • The course will take place in person in Trenčín 

  • Course capacity is 30 people 

  • The programme will take the form of 5 two-day blocks:  

  • 13 - 14 April 2023  

  • 27 - 28 April 2023  

  • 11 - 12 May 2023  

  • 25 - 26 May 2023  

  • 8 - 9 June 2023  

  • The course is also led by experts from abroad, so knowledge of the English language is required 

How can I register for this course?

Registration is closed now, but we are planning new course in autumn.

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