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Garage is the smallest stage of the Pohoda festival which symbolizes the band's beginnings. In cooperation with Trenčín 2026, Garáž became a multi-genre cultural space that travels around the Trenčín region.

August - October 2022

Garage in the M.R. Štefánik Park in Trenčín


What is the Garage project? 


Garage is a project of the Pohoda festival, which in cooperation with Trenčín 2026 is expanding beyond the festival grounds to the city. The real garage is transformed into an alternative cultural venue drawing on Trenčín´s underground background.


The pilot was launched at a local skate park in 2021 during the candidacy of Trenčín for European Capital of Culture. Now it's time for Garage to travel across the city and offer a Trenčín-specific place for (not only) young creatives such as budding musicians as well as those interested in alternative art and subcultures - sound, film, animation, design, literature, and visual creation. Garage has an ambition to train a new, capable generation of producers, bands, and trans-disciplinary artists, as well as other creative industry-related professionals. 


How does it work?


Creative people, artists, active people or even organizations have the opportunity to adopt a garage, bring it to their location and organize a program in it. This is done through participation in the Pohoda and Trenčín 2026 festival's open call for new Garage operators.


The last open call was announced in April 2022, and thanks to the highest quality application, Yasmine Cabanová and Marek Niejadlík became the operators.


The adoption cycle is set for a specified period, for example three months at the moment. The new operators choose a location (within Trenčín) and we will bring the Garage there. They organize the program according to the proposal in their application.


What is the provided support? 


Garage will be a place to learn new skills in cultural organization, production and dramaturgy development and the support includes:

  • Informal professional mentoring by Pohoda Festival and by Trenčín 2026 team

  • Workshop or masterclass from chosen professionals based on the needs of the winning applicant

  • Financial support up to 1500 for the winning applicant to conduct the programme

  • Basic sound, light, stage and other technical equipment 

  • Transport of the Garage to the location and from the location 

  • Promotional support via digital tools and social media

Garage in the Park was financially supported by the City of Trenčín, the Trenčín Self-Governing Region and the ZSE Foundation. The partner of Garage in the Park is the European Union and TRAKT.

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