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Garage is the smallest stage of the Pohoda festival which symbolizes the band's beginnings. In cooperation with Trenčín 2026, Garáž became a multi-genre cultural space that travels around the Trenčín region.

Garage's ambition is not only to enrich the cultural offer in Trenčín. Garage wants to create opportunities for presentation, education and networking for the next generation of people in the cultural and creative industry. The Garage project is jointly implemented by the Pohoda festival and Trenčín 2026 as part of the Trenčín 2026 European Capital of Culture programme.

What's new in Garage?

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We will be playing with bands selected by an expert jury from all over Slovakia, which we want to pull out of the garages and onto the stages.  The aim of the Garage is to give bands the space to showcase themselves. In the music industry, an event like this is also called a showcase festival—it means that apart from all of you, we also invite music industry professionals and experts. They can listen to the bands live, invite them to play at their club or festival, or offer to collaborate with them on an album release. So the bands will definitely want to show off.


In addition to the actual concert, bands will also get the opportunity to improve through an educational session in the fall. Various topics related to the music industry will be taught by music professionals. For example, bands will learn what is involved in recording an album, how booking bands for clubs and music festivals works, and how to get their music on the radio. Three days full of music in Trencin will be a benefit for all of us.

 "We have fresh young indie guitarists, more popular electronic projects as well as experimental electronic or impro/jazz bands represented. I'm glad that harder genres are also represented. I think it will make the programme all the more interesting and varied for the concertgoers."

Táňa Lehotská, music agency Real Something, juror of the Garage Open Call


More information about the programme can be found in the FB event and in the news on our website. 

What has happened so far in the Garage project?

Zdenka Pepelová, projektová manažérka Garáže

Project Garáž is managed by

Zdenka Pepelová

Project Manager fot the Cultural and Creative Industries

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