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Thanks to this, we are changing our city and region for the better

Abandoned places
are coming to life

So that we appreciate our natural resources and feel comfortable in public spaces. For example, thanks to the project City Reimagined.

New opportunities
are emerging

So that we can harness the potential that we have in Trenčín and the Trenčín region. They bring it, for example, through projects like Runway or Garage.

are coming up

For everyone, such as the event Garage or the project Sound Atlas of the Bridge.

We are connecting with Europe

To bring European experiences to Trenčín, for example through the Cities in Placemaking education.

walk trough

We have a dream, a vision of how Trenčín - thanks to the cooperation of all involved - could look like in just two years. Close your eyes and join us for a walk through the European Capital of Culture 2026


Európskeho hlavného mesta kultúry

News from the team, Trenčín and Europe 

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