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Taking culture to space

Trenčín is a city that has won the title of European Capital of Culture for the year 2026. However, we thought that the program it offers is not worth keeping just in Slovakia, Europe, or even on Earth, so we decided to take Trenčín into space! 

Specifically, to Mars, where we will fly together and make Trenčín not only the European Capital of Culture but also the Cosmic Capital of Culture. 

How did we manage to do it?

ticket from NASA fot Trenčín 2026 floating on blue background


What started as April Fools Day joke, became reality. NASA has been offering the opportunity to "send your name to space" for several years now, where anyone from around the world can fill out a form and become part of the names sent into space. The names are sent stored as data on chips placed in rockets or rovers, virtually transporting their owner to various planets and celestial bodies. 

Our name will fly to Mars during the next mission, which will take place in 2026, when we will carry the title of European Capital of Culture. 

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