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We refer to the places in the city that we share as public space. These are streets and squares, courtyards, parks, atriums, waterfronts and natural environments...  The City Reimagined project aims at a long-term change of the public space according to the current European standards. This means to places that are welcoming, accessible and sustainable.  

The City Reimagined project is also changing Trenčín permanently for the better: 

Unused places are coming to life – Together with the inhabitants of the city, we will discover the potential of Trenčín for living in its public spaces. We will work to make public spaces lively, welcoming, accessible and better used by different groups of the population. 

New opportunities are emerging – The project brings culture into public space and looks at what public space looks like. The project has already surveyed the current situation, analysed the problems and proposed solutions. One of them is the creation of a new position of city curator, whose job will be mainly to fight against visual smog – i.e. the saturation of public space with advertising.

Experiences are coming – The content of the project will not only include debates, conferences and events for the public on the topic of public spaces. The revitalisation of space will also take place through artistic interventions that will inspire us to use urban spaces differently than before. 

The City Reimagined offers Trenčín the opportunity to become a model for other cities that are fighting against visual smog and insensitive urban solutions. This is not only in Slovakia, but also in the whole of Europe. The project City Reimagined is part of the plan of the European Capital of Culture Trenčín 2026. You can find it in the project book selected by the international jury, the Bid book on page 32.  

What has happened so far in the City Reimagined project?  


Project manager for Architecture

and Public Space

Project City reimagined
is managed by

Lívia Gažová

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