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Open call

Do you want to showcase your musical creations at the Hviezda Cultural and Creative Center in Trenčín, at Pohoda, or even abroad? The Garage project is back with new opportunities for young Slovak music.

European Capital of Culture Trenčín 2026 announces another open call. Young bands, performers, and singers can showcase their music to the world thanks to this opportunity. They will have the opportunity to perform at one of the music events taking place in August and September at the Trenčín KKC Hviezda as part of the Garáž 2024 project. Musicians who succeed in the open call will also have the chance to participate in an educational session about the functioning of the music industry.

One selected artist will even have the opportunity to perform at Pohoda 2024 in July.

And as if that weren't enough, thanks to the network of European Capitals of Culture, selected musicians will also have the opportunity to perform on international stages!

Who can register?

Slovak music groups, solo musicians, DJs, and music producers of all ages and genres are welcome to apply (including electronic music producers, DJs, or other minority genres). The basic requirement is original music creation. The jury will select performers in three categories:

1. Music group / solo artist without a released single, EP, or album.

2. Music group / solo artist with a maximum of one released single, EP, or album, released without the assistance of a music label.

3. Music group / solo artist with a maximum of one released single, EP, or album, released in collaboration with a music label.

What will the selected musicians gain?

A dedicated, paid concert at KKC Hviezda as part of the showcase lineup.

One group will additionally have the opportunity to perform at Pohoda 2024.

 1-2 groups will have the opportunity to perform abroad as part of the network of European Capitals of Culture.

Production support related to concert organization.

Promotion of the concert and presentation of their own work through the Trenčín 2026 project.

Participation in an educational session with selected music professionals, providing insight into the functioning of the music industry and basic know-how on how to succeed in it.

Who announces this call?

This open call is announced by Trenčín 2026 and the Pohoda Festival.

The call is part of the Garage project, which is implemented by Trenčín 2026 as part of the European Capital of Culture title.

Garage is the smallest stage of the Pohoda Festival, which moves to the city of Trenčín every year after the festival and transforms into an alternative cultural space with its own programming for several weeks.

The ambition of the project is to create opportunities for presentation, education, and networking for the emerging generation of Slovak musicians, multidisciplinary artists, and professionals in the cultural and creative industries.

How to join? 

You can apply through this online form. The application must include at least two samples of your own work in any audio format or as a link to online content on streaming platforms (each sample must be at least 2 minutes long). As an optional attachment, you can also include a short video recording from a concert or musical rehearsal, up to a maximum of 15 minutes.

A condition for inclusion in the Garage program is the ability to perform for a minimum of 25 minutes and participation in a two-day educational block.

Who will evaluate and based on what?

Applications will be evaluated by a jury composed of professionals who have been active in the music industry in Slovakia and abroad for a long time. The artistic quality of the recordings and the potential for a cohesive musical performance will be evaluated primarily.

Trenčín 2026 reserves the right not to announce winners if the jury evaluates the submitted applications as not meeting the criteria.

The composition of the evaluation committee will be announced soon.

The deadline for applications is May 12. 2024 at 23:59

The results will be announced on May 23. 2024


The Project Garáž is managed by

Martin Krištof

Project manager of community programs

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