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Take a look at the beautiful photos from the Garage

A huge thanks goes to all who contributed to three days full of music and experiences at The Garage. Especially to you, dear visitors, because without you, it would not make sense. We hope that The Garage left at least as good an impression on you as you left on us. We remind ourselves of the atmosphere with beautiful photos, a selection can be found here and full albums from each of the three days on our social networks.

Day one was photographed by Braňo Vartovník

At the event, our hearts were won by bands Cup of Tea, Julie Nox, last millennials., Obligatne, Džez a Hrúza, RAYLAB, KMC, Lènok, The Spants, Sona Kmet, Digästorcie, Eversame, East side sorry, Zaffer 9, Ranjevš & Óbasz, Dave Brannigan, Rapsodéve, Adhok, and Kyanydhedzz, dance performance Teleso, you were made to laugh by Vrbovskí víťazi, Slam poetry and new and well-known insights enriched the discussions by Nina Kohout, Samuel Bulp Štefanec, Peter Kohout, Braňo Jobus, Ľuboš Dzúrik, and Oliver Rehák, Juraj Benda and Veronika Juricová, Shina, Alex Čerevka and Michaela Kučová, and films Ostrov hudby by Cukru production and short films by Almostar.

The Garage, the smallest stage of the Pohoda festival, has its journey from M. R. Štefánik Park behind it. In the city, we will meet with it again next year. For the bands, however, The Garage is not over yet. Another opportunity it offers is an educational block with experts from the music industry. Bands will find out, for example, how to get their music on the radio, how the booking of bands for festivals goes, what recording an album entails.

Day two through the eyes of Juraj Majerský

The Garage is part of the European Capital of Culture project and aims to create opportunities for the emerging generation of professionals in culture and the creative industry, we are preparing it in cooperation with the Pohoda festival. The project is financially supported by the city of Trencin, Trenčín Self-Governing Region, and the partner is the European Union. Thank you! Thanks also go to our media partners MY Trenčín,, Square Trencin, HMOTA, Radio_FM, Radio DEVÍN, Trenčín region, Cultural and Information Center Trenčín, and GoOut.

For the sponsorship gifts to the competition, we thank Sharpe Festival, Cultural and Creative Center Hviezda, and GRAPE FESTIVAL.

Thank you to the Trenčín Volunteer Center and Zapni sa pre Slovensko for finding volunteers, but a huge thanks also go to the volunteers themselves, who helped us a lot with preparing the whole event. We also thank our partners Drevopal for the sponsorship gift, which helped us in marking our area.

For the perfect beverage, we thank Coffee Sheep and for the perfect food Underground food and À La Bonn' Galett'.

Thank you and we look forward to The Garage next year!

Day three was captured by Jakub Michel



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