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Why is it important to talk about progress? 

During the educational program Runway | Culture Professionals, we also focused on the art of providing positive feedback. Now is the time for us to provide feedback to our participants. At the end of their education, they had the opportunity to present what they learned at Runway and how they plan to apply this knowledge in their cultural organizations, thereby enriching Slovak culture.

The presentations took place in a friendly atmosphere. When people from the cultural environment spend several days together, exchanging ideas and making progress, they become friends. In recent months, participants from all over Slovakia had the opportunity to meet in Trenčín, where they expanded their horizons and discovered new opportunities. Their efforts culminated in presentations of the progress achieved in recent months.

Foto: Juraj Majerský

Let's take a look at some interesting moments presented by the graduates:

  • The Anima Act project demonstrated that successful puppet theater for adults can emerge even without large financial resources.

  • During the Bratislava City Days, the doors of the city open up. Various organizations, institutions, and communities have the opportunity to showcase what they create in the city. The opening of doors is meant literally, with the program accessible to everyone, including seniors, single parents, and people with disabilities.

  • The Orava Cultural Center emphasizes not only acquiring sponsors but also caring for them. An important element in their approach is humanity and a good heart.

  • The Fokus Pokus Festival responded to changes in its surroundings. It transformed from a Slovak independent theater into an international one, relocating its activities from Trnava to Bratislava.

  • COOLTAJNER from Považská Bystrica presented their new project (Kori)DOOR, aimed at reaching out to young people. They also showcased the story of Irena Blühova, the first Slovak photographer and a Bauhaus student in Dessau, who serves as inspiration for the changes COOLTAJNER aims to achieve, creating a unique space for their events.


Skupina účastníčok a účastníkov vzdelávania Runway drží v rukách certifikáty a hrdo ich dvíhajú nad hlavou

Foto: Juraj Majerský

And why is it important to talk about progress? Because it allows us to move forward. Thanks to progress within our organizations, we can organize larger events, technological progress makes spaces more accessible, and progress in interpersonal relationships enables us to create more efficient teams.

Professionals from the cultural sector, you've been amazing! Each of you brought something original and inspirational to others, and you supported each other mutually... keep it up. We are already looking forward to seeing which organizations will participate in the next Runway | Culture Professionals education.



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