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What have we learned about leadership and soft skills?

Not even a month has passed since the beginning of the new year, and we have already completed the penultimate block of the Runway | Culture Professionals course, where we educate people from cultural organizations and projects. We focused on leadership and soft skills.

Foto: Juraj Majerský

The fourth block of the course brought truly interesting insights. Participants, for example:

  • People become managers, but they lack managerial skills - we all need to learn them.

  • When presenting, you should start with the setting "Nobody cares, what I want to say, " so it is necessary to prepare something that the audience will benefit from and remember.

  • Different team members have different motivations - it is important to know how to work with them and use their motivation for the good of the team.

  • How to give positive and negative feedback using the "facts, impacts, needs" technique. For example: "Your idea that was mentioned during today's meeting is an effective solution to popularize our music festival. I appreciate that you can bring new ideas to the team."

  • Participants had the opportunity to take the Belbin test to determine their role within the team. You can try it yourself here.

Interesting topics? Follow us, and you will find out when we open another course.



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