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The Minister supports our project

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic Rastislav Káčer met with representatives of Trenčín city and Trenčín 2026 team. The visit took place on Monday, 3 April, before the joint meeting of the Governments of the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic in Trenčín.

The Minister first watched and listened with interest to the presentation of the strategic project Trenčín si Ty, prepared by the chief city architect Martin Beďatš.

We presented the European Capital of Culture project to the Minister, which fits into the city's development strategy. We stressed that the basic idea is to transform the city and the whole region through cultural means. In simple terms: "Abandoned places are coming alive, new opportunities will emerge and experiences are coming up"

In the presentation we emphasized the European dimension of the project, which is to bring Europe to Trenčín and put Trenčín on the map of Europe. This means, for example, that people in Trenčín will meet artists from abroad, they will be able to share the experience of experts from Europe. But that's not all. Creative people from the Trenčín region and from Slovakia will get new opportunities to present themselves beyond the borders of our country.

The Minister perceives that European countries give great weight to the title of ECOC. He expressed his support for the Trenčín project. "This is a well-prepared and, what is important, sustainable project. You can feel a whiff of fresh thinking and moving the region towards creativity. And that's what we need in Slovakia," said R. Káčer.

After the meeting at the Town Hall, the Minister joined his colleagues for a ceremony before the start of the joint meeting of the Governments of the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic, which was held in Trenčín again after 11 years.



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