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Trenčín stands for Ukraine

On Thursday, March 3, 2022, Trenčín Peace Square was filled with the desire and need to express solidarity with Ukraine, to condemn the war and its atrocities, and to express hope and for the Ukrainians and all of us to live in peace. You can watch the event online.

Not only Slovak artists performed, there were also voices from Ukraine on the stage. Trenčín welcomed DJ Mezha, who originally comes from Crimea but has been living in Bratislava for three years. The Ukrainian photographer Irina Dzhul spoke in the video from the capital of Ukraine. Alina, who escaped from Kiev with her children and currently has found her refuge in Trenčín, told her story on the stage.

We connected online with the director of the Ukrainian Institute, Volodymyr Sheik, who was in Lviv at that time. "It is especially important to support Ukrainians by spreading the truth about Russian aggression, donating to the Ukrainian army, organizing protests or providing shelter to refugees. It is equally important to show solidarity with the Ukrainian cultural sector - artists, musicians, writers, filmmakers who have found themselves in very difficult conditions,” Volodymyr Sheik told the crowd.

Video interview on the square with Volodymyr Sheik, Director of the Ukrainian Institute

Strong emotion brought the screening of a collection of visual works by more than fifty artists compiled by the Biela noc artistic director Zuzana Pacáková, and the Slovak artist Ilona Németh. The collection was created as an immediate response to Russian aggression. Its message is the rejection of violence and the expression of solidarity with Ukraine and its people. The collection is clearly visible in the video of the event online.

Despite the fact that the long period of the pandemic was financially unsustainable for gastronomy, several cafeterias in the center of Trenčín were inspired by the event and pleaded to donate proceeds from the sale of snacks to help Ukraine.

The Trenčín for Ukraine event was created by a spontaneous connection between the Trenčín Jazz Society, the Trenčín 2026 team and students from Trenčín High Schools, coordinated by the editors of the school magazine Veget.


0:00 Mayor of Trenčín Richard Rybníček - speech

5:28 Jazz for Ukraine - Peter Lipa, Dáša Libiaková, Peter Lipa, Dáška and Botek

38:00 Director of Ukrainian institute Volodymyr Sheik

45:15 Director of Trenčín 2026 Lucia Dubačová

47:50 DJ Mezha (UA)

1:02:00 song by Mišák Štramák

1:06:25 Photographer Irina Dzul

1:13:18 song by Bez Ladu a Skladu

1:21:40 DJ B-Complex

1:33:15 song by Braňo Jobus and Martin Valášek

1:38:50 Alina from Ukraine - speech

1:44:40 cellist Lola Bartošíková

1:47:30 Student's Candle March

1:49:39 songs by Matúš Oravec

Photo by: Juraj Majerský, Lucia Kotrhová

Check out more pictures from the event on our Facebook in Juraj Majerský album or Lucia Kotrhová album.

The old railway bridge shining in national colours of Ukraine

After sunset the company Kvant Lasers illuminated the old railway bridge with the colors of the flag of Ukraine. Thank you!

It was one of seven Concerts for Ukraine in regional cities in Slovakia coordinated by the Slovak Music Union. Concerts in Prešov, Košice, Banská Bystrica, Žilina, Trnava and Nitra followed.



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