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Garage wasn't just about music

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Concerts by emerging bands this year created a fantastic atmosphere in M. R. Štefánik Park. Having the opportunity to listen to them was a great experience. Last weekend, the bands returned to Trenčín, but this time without their instruments. They underwent training in the music industry and had the opportunity to share experiences not only among themselves but also with professionals in the industry.

They learned more:

- about financial management for bands from Barbora Bodnárová (Pohoda festival),

- about showcase festivals from Michal Berezňák (Sharpe festival),

- about band marketing from Matej Kráľ (,

- about collaboration with a record label from Martin Turzík (Deadred Records),

- about collaboration with radio from Daniel Baláž (Radio_fm).

Photo: Juraj Majerský

If you want to remind yourself of the Garage atmosphere, you can listen to our playlist on Spotify or on Youtube.



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