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We have joined forces to create Korzo Palackého

Updated: May 14

Trenčín 2026 has teamed up with the popular event Trenčín na korze! Together, we are preparing a city festival that will breathe new life into a remarkable but often overlooked street in Trenčín. In June, we will showcase Palackého Street in a new light. It will transform into Korzo Palackého.

"We decided to open Palackého Street to the people for one day so that everyone could experience the hidden potential it holds. On this day, residents of Trenčín and the surrounding area will be able to enjoy a city festival combined with a modern market. Everyone will have the opportunity to freely walk along this street, take a look around, and contemplate how the street could look after reconstruction," explains project manager Lívia Gažová.

The event is part of the largest project of the European Capital of Culture titled City Reimagined, which focuses on improving the public spaces of Trenčín in the long term. Korzo Palackého also relates to the theme of placemaking – creating pleasant places for people in the city, in which we educate ourselves as members of the international program Cities in Placemaking. In June, we will welcome experts on public space from this European network to Trenčín for three days. We are excited that they will also experience Korzo Palackého, where we will test placemaking in Trenčín.

Why Palackého?

Palackého is an intriguing street with diverse businesses, significant institutions, and historic buildings. However, it is somewhat in the background compared to the adjacent square. Despite being used by hundreds of people daily for transportation, few actually want to spend time there.

"When we first organized Trenčín na korze on 1. mája Street in 2016, it was beautiful to see how people suddenly saw it in a completely different light and created a beautiful atmosphere there. Our goal was to revive an overlooked place, and from experience, not only we know but also Trenčín residents experienced how such an event can impact their relationship with the street. We are excited to revitalize Palackého Street in the same way now. We believe it will be an equally great experience for everyone!" says Zuzana Ščepková, co-founder of the Trenčín na korze event.

The project also involves the city of Trenčín – we communicate with them about coordinating the event program or transportation.

What can you experience?

On Saturday, June 22, 2024, from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM, you can enjoy a modern city market and an all-day accompanying program, in which institutions and businesses located on Palackého Street will participate.

Please note that there will be traffic restrictions starting from Friday, June 21, 2024. More precise information will be provided later.



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