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The final report on ECoC 2026 selection in Slovakia is out

The Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic published the Experts Panel’s report on the Selection of the European Capital of Culture 2026 in Slovakia. It states how the experts panel perceived the final bids of finalists - Nitra, Trenčín and Žilina - their final Bid books, presentations, Q&A session as well as jury visit in each city. The panel also wrote recommendations for every city.

According to the report, the panel was looking at the programme specifically designed for the ECoC year and with a strong European dimension. The evaluation of the Trenčín 2026 project is more than flattering. We perceive it as an appreciation of hard work, an encouragement for the next years and at the same time as a strong commitment that the very positively evaluated plans and visions of the Trenčín 2026 project will turn into reality.

Bellow you can read the conclusion of the evaluation of the Trenčín 2026 project. The full report can be found on the website of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic.

“The bid of the city of Trenčin impresses as being conceptually strong and very well structured.

The proposed cultural strategy is well grounded in the needs of the city, the region and its people, and has the potential to leave an important legacy in Trenčin. In its core it demonstrates how through culture, open-mindedness, and collaboration, a small city in Central Europe can become truly European, a city where people are happy to live and to visit.

The proposed cultural and artistic programme is conceptually strong, relevant, and well structured, where each part contributes to a coherent global message. Still, the programme is not rigid, but driven by the ambition to bring the highest possible artistic quality, while making different communities work together, thus developing quality projects of wide and diverse appeal.

The proposed programmes demonstrate an innate and genuine European dimension, which grows naturally from the international collaborations, interwoven in each project.

The organisational structure that is to carry out the ECoC is well designed, and a strong team has been brought together, which impresses with its professionalism. Finances are secured, with the involvement of the public and private sectors.

The approach to outreach described in the bid impresses with its clarity. A wide range of diverse groups, including disadvantaged ones, are being targeted in an original and transversal way.

The bid enjoys strong political support on local and regional level. With a professional core team already there and the impressive capacity building plans, with over 60% of the projects featuring capacity-building measures, there is no doubt that the city has the capacity to carry the ECoC preparations through.”

Quoted from the Experts Panel’s report on the Selection of the European Capital of Culture 2026 in Slovakia.



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