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Support our project Archipelago - a curious place in the park in the vote

We took the opportunity to enter one of our projects - Archipelago in the Coop Jednota competition from 15. 5. 2021 till 15. 6. 2021

The park of G.M.R.Štefánik underwent a complete revitalization in the years 2019 - 2020, during which the benches were replaced, the sidewalk was reconstructed and the greenery was restored. With the Archipelago project, we want to bring culture and community life to the park and welcome seniors, young people, parents, artists and various events. The park is located next to the railway and bus station, and has an area of 43,000 m2 and many people pass through it, but will not stop there due to the lack of infrastructure and cultural and community life.

Barrier-free wooden structure - Archipelago podium with a diameter of 7 m should be used for cultural events, education but also for playing and leisure. The stage beautifies the space and provides a background for meeting in small groups (2 - 10 people), creating shadows, opportunities for community activities for everyone for example for various workshops, performances, presentations, concerts and others :)

If you like the project, you can support it in the Coop Jednota stores in Trenčín:

COOP JEDNOTA SUPERMARKET 2., Janka Kráľa 1087, 911 01 Trenčín


You can read more about the Local Community Support Program project on the Coop Jednota website

Authors of the project Archipelago - Sensorium Festoval, Fusion, Woven.



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