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Three proposals for local service

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

In the project "City Reimagined" we bring a long-term change of public space according to European standards. This means that we want to change public spaces into places that are accessible, sustainable and pleasant. Such that we feel there as comfortable as we do at home in the living room. That's why we are also addressing the issue of visual smog and signage.

In cooperation with advertising branding experts from the creative studio Büro Milk and the initiative REČ MESTA, we mapped the needs of establishments on Hviezdoslavova Street, which is awaiting an architectural transformation as part of the European Capital of Culture, in the spring.

This was followed by a two-day workshop focused on the transformation of one particular operation. Twelve local graphic designers took part. They worked on the visual communication design of the optics shop named Galéria.

In addition to giving the designers the opportunity to learn something new, we also got three high quality designs for the look of the interpretation of this optics shop. The proposals pleasantly surprised even the owner of the shop. Given the interest, we will certainly continue these activities.

Lívia Gažová

Project Manager

Trenčín 2026

Photo: Juraj Majerský



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