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In September, three days full of music await us at the Garage in Milan Rastislav Štefánik Park

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

We will be playing with a jury of expertly selected up-and-coming bands that we want to pull out of the garage and onto the stage. The goal of the Garage Project is to take bands to the next level. That's why we're inviting music industry professionals and experts to the event.

In addition to the actual concert, bands will also get to participate in an educational programme that will focus on various music industry topics. The benefit for all of us will be three days full of music in Trenčín. For more information about the dates and programme, follow and social media.

Get to knowthe bands that will perform in Garage:

The first band that we'll introduce, is the Slovak-British band Cup of Tea from Piešťany.

The guys from Cup of Tea don't hold back elements from various music genres like alternative rock, lo-fi folk, and post-punk.

When it comes to writing lyrics, their inspiration comes from the life observations of its individual members.

So get ready for a fantastic atmosphere!

Listen to their music here.

Next up for you this year is the band called last millennials., known for their energetic musical style.

This group comes from the capital city, and their songs revolve around themes that resonate with an entire generation – the millennial generation.

Their song "Antisocial" from their debut EP "Choose Life" even secured the top spot in the Demovnica_FM poll and enjoyed further success on the airwaves of Rádio_FM.

They write about behavior on social networks, the consequences of life decisions at a young age, and relationships from which the spark and passion have faded.

The band Eversameband comes from Žilina and their music genre-wise aligns with alternative rock, midwest emo, indie, and shoegaze.

In their current lineup, they've been playing together for about a year, but they've already performed at festivals like Rock for People and Pohoda. Their concerts are filled with energy, noise, and emotive moments.

You might know them through the single "we should have our last dance" or their debut album "tell me where the flowers are."

The band The Spants comes all the way from Humenné. But you don't have to search for them on the map, because you'll find them by their music in the Garage!

You'll recognize them primarily by their sound - they offer elements of alternative and pop rock, that will be part of their first album

Listen to their music here.

Just last year, Sona Kmet introduced her debut EP "Don’t Let Me Go Home", which captured attention with its uniqueness.

Sona's creation could be described as deep pop with an emphasis on emotions, as her music is her way of self-expression.

She's also looking forward to seeing you in the Garage along with her band on September 15th!

Rapper Adhok released the album "Metarap" last year, with production contributions from well-known rap figures like Special Beatz and Vi3e.

Technically, it's a rap album – although that would be oversimplifying it. Each track has its culmination and is embedded in the context of the entire album.

The selection of themes is intriguing as well; within the context of the Slovak scene, they are more philosophical within the genre – themes of life and death, truth, and humanity itself.

Kyanydhedzz won't have to travel far to get to Garáž. This band from Trenčín will delight fans of NU/Thrash metal.

They've been active for 3 years with some minor changes in members.

Currently, they are preparing an EP titled "Psycho," which is set to be released in October of this year. However, they already have very impressive creations to their name.

The duo Ranjevš & Óbasz specializes in improvised music.

During their concerts, you can experience rock energy as well as passages on the edge of audibility, creating significant tension in contrast to the rest of the music. So, get ready for an intriguing sonic experience.

What do Strasbourg, Prague, Paris and Berlin have in common? They were all just concert stops on the way to the big stage at the Garage for the artist Lènok. After a year of studying sound in France, she decided to compose everything she heard day and night.

Get in the mood for her performance while listening to her music.

Rapsodéve comes from Gelnica.

Currently, Ivana Pinčáková and Martin Pisko are based in Prague, where they are working on their debut album. Their music predominantly features dream-pop and alternative/electronic elements.

For Rapsodéve, their creation is a source of liberation, found uniquely in art.

They also produce their own music videos, often in the surroundings of their hometown Gelnica.

Julie Nox is a new face on the music scene.

Her debut single "Tiene" (Shadows) expresses the need to break free from the expectations of those around her and to pursue our own dreams. It was released just earlier this year. The combination of vocals, guitars, drums delivers vibrant music full of emotion and personal confessions.

For this year's Garage, the jury also selected 22-year-old producer RAYLAB.

If electropop, modern R&B, soft electronica or future synthwave sounds is your cup of tea, you'll be in for a treat. RAYLAB's sometimes dark but energetic synth sounds along with orchestral elements will close the first day of the three-day Garage festival.

You can expect aproximately 30 minute setup, loaded with his work.

The band Obligatne originally started as a solo project, but today, this trio is working on their second album.

Their debut album "Monologues of Salvation" was published under the label Kabinet Records.

During their performance, you can expect to hear tones of jazz and soul, with a fresh rhythm and modern sound- perfect combination for friday evening.

East Side Sorry is comprised of Mišo Kvetko (electronics, vocals) and Verona Němcová (vocals).

They rehearse in the cultural center office in Modra, where with two vocals, club electronics, melodies, and noise, they create subversive, eclectic pop on the border of genre classification.

Imperfection of the Eastern Bloc aesthetic and life in a country that offers (self)pity instead of a narrative inspires them.

Digästorcie originally emerged within the grounds of the Bratislava University of Visual Arts (VŠVU) / Academy of Fine Arts and Design (AFAD) as a musical project by four students of visual arts.

In 2022, they released their debut EP titled "ÄP" which received positive feedback on Slovak and Czech music portals and magazines. Their music is melodic, versatile, and contrasting.

With instrumental lineup consisting of guitars, drums, vocals, and keyboards, they bring forth a harder sound, somewhere within the realms of rock alternative.

Džez a Hrúza (Jazz and Terror) is a musical entity that creates terribly awesome jazz music - not as much jazz, but incredibly musical.

In their music, they reflect not only their own experiences but also intertwine them with the world of fantasy, which together creates a splendid musical experience.

Zaffer 9 focuses on local experimental electronic production, entering the scene with a fresh blend of contemporary post-club electronics infused with elements of hyperpop and digital hardcore production.

This masked duo creates with their music sometimes bizarre encounters of playfulness and darkness.

Dave Brannigan, released their debut album "Young Creatures" in 2017. The following year, they represented Slovakia at one of the largest music and cultural festivals in Europe, the Sziget Festival.

The band was nominated in the Slovak music poll "Radiohead Awards" for Discovery of the Year and their album "Young Creatures" made it to the longlist for Debut of the Year. In 2019, they recorded and released digital EP "Brannigan," followed by the single "Kinky Side" in 2020, which was nominated for Song of the Year at RHA 2020.

KMC is a band that was started by Karolina M. Curova in Prešov, but is currently based in Copenhagen.

What began as a one-person project has now evolved into a trio of international musicians who found their paths crossing there. Their sound is a fusion of folk, pedal effects, and a fleeting touch of electronics, exploring life as an experience. Their debut single "KMC - Mestský Pustovník" was played on @Radio_FM for 10 weeks in the Demovnica segment, and KMC was nominated as a Discovery of the Year in the first round of the Radiohlavy Awards 2021.

You can find more info about every band in our Facebook event, so don't forget to follow for more.

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