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English for people in culture is back

"For those who work in the field of culture and tourism, it's now literally essential to speak English," says Barbora Jurenová, a journalist and PR manager of Trenčín's Synagogue. Last academic year, she completed the Runway I English for Culture and Tourism course, which Trenčín 2026 is reopening this September.

"Years when you don't actively use a foreign language are clearly felt," she admits. "This language course was a great way to get back in shape. We had a fantastic instructor, thanks to whom I have a much better grasp of tenses and my vocabulary has expanded nicely. I'm glad that the course allowed me to progress."

In Trenčín, English will also come in handy in connection with the title of the European Capital of Culture. We expect not only tourists from abroad but also more opportunities for professional networking with people from all over Europe.

Registration for the English course will start on September 18th at 12:00 pm and will be open only until the capacity of 50 participants is filled. Follow our social media to stay informed in time.



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