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and the labeling of

establishments in the city of Trenčín

Retail advertisement guidelines is another step that will help us transform Trenčín into a more pleasant place. One of the main purposes is to help businesses better communicate their products and services without unnecessary visual clutter.

The visual environment around us affects how we feel, so we should strive to maintain it pleasant.

visual smog in the city

Introducing Retail Advertisement Guidelines

30.4. 2024 o 17:30
KKC Hviezda - Small hall

Come to the public presentation of the Retail Advertisement Guidelines. You will learn what can be done about excessive advertising in the city, how progress is being made, and what successes have been achieved in other cities. How the manual can be applied in the context of Trenčín. How we will make our environment clearer and more beautiful.

Who will lead the discussion? 

Omar Mirza - City curator of Trenčín  
Lívia Gažová - Project manager of Architecture and Public space 

Who is this event for?

We welcome the public, business owners, councilors, advertising commissioners, architects, and urban planners. Together, we will discuss how to make Trenčín a more pleasant place with the help of the new Guidelines.

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What has happened in the City Reimagined project so far? 

Čo sa doteraz udialo v projekte
Mesto pretvorené?

The Project City Reimagined is managed by

Lívia Gažová

Project manager for Architecture

and Public Space

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