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Director of the Creative Institute Trenčín, n.o.  

Selection procedure for the position of Director of the Creative Institute Trenčín, n.o. which implements the European Capital of Culture project 

The director of the organization in the performance of his function in particular: 


a) is responsible for the overall operation of the Institute, its external representation and development, 

b) independently decides on the use of financial means of the organization in accordance with the approved budget, 

c) decides on the budgets of individual divisions of the Institute and budget changes, 

d) submits the Institute's annual budget to the executive board of the Institute for approval 

e) concludes civil, commercial and employment contracts on behalf of the Institute, 

f) represents the Institute in negotiations with public administration bodies, the private and non-profit sector, 

g) independently decides on the hiring of the head staff of the Section/Division/Department, 

h) approves the Institute's financial operations within the performance of basic financial control, while director may delegate this authority to another employee of the organization, acknowledging the fact that he/she is still responsible for the performance of basic financial control, 

i) decides in case of competence or other disputes between department heads and other employees of the institute, 

j) is responsible for the implementation of the ECoC Trenčín 2026 project as a whole according to the wording of the Bidbook and to the extent according to financial and time possibilities, so that it meets the basic criteria of project implementation in compliance with the rules of the ECoC competition itself. 


The following requirements apply to the position of the director of the organization: 


a) in the last 15 years, he/she has actively worked in the field of CCI (Cultural and Creative Industry) for at least 10 years, 

b) has experience with the ECoC project and its implementation at the managerial position for at least 1 year, 

c) has managerial experience outside the CCI area for at least 3 years 

d) active command of the English language, 

e) excellent knowledge of Slovak, eventually Czech language 

f) university education, Master's degree, 

g) communication and presentation skills, 

h) strategic and conceptual thinking, 

i) a clear idea of the strategic impacts of the ECoC project in the period of its implementation as well as its legacy after 2026 in the relevant region, 

j) participation in international committees in the field of CCI is welcome 


Basic salary  

  • from 2.750 € gross per month   

  • full time     


  • according to the agreement 


The request should contain   

  • professional CV in English or Slovak/ Czech language in PDF format 


Send the request by 15 January 2024 to the e-mail: and write the name of the position in the subject. 

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