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The city is looking for new additions to the participation team

The City Hall in Trenčín, in collaboration with the European Capital of Culture project Trenčín 2026, is seeking two individuals who will focus on the topic of engaging the residents of the city in public life.

The currently open positions are:

  • Project Specialist/Methodologist for Participation

  • Project Coordinator for Participation

The selection process aims to strengthen the team of the Institute for Participation Trenčín, which has been operating at the City Hall since 2023 and is part of the European Capital of Culture project.

What is the plan of the Participation Institute Trenčín?

Until 2026, the institute will primarily assist in mapping the needs of the people in Trenčín in the field of culture and their involvement in participatory processes and projects in the city. For example, finding out which groups of residents face physical or other obstacles in participating in events. Or understanding the needs that quality squares or public spaces should fulfill according to the people. The team will work to provide people with opportunities to actively contribute to improving life in the city.

What does the word "participation" mean?

Participation is engaging in decision-making that affects our lives. It means expressing opinions on issues or co-deciding on topics that are important to us, whether it's about how the city looks, how life is in it, or how it is managed.

Why is it beneficial?

For the full participation of all people, it is essential to know which groups of residents live in the city. The Institute for Participation Trenčín will not only map this but also provide people with tools for effective engagement. It will also provide important data and feedback for urban and regional development planning.

We believe that this will help strengthen engagement in a society that reflects the diverse needs of people from Trenčín and those who come to visit our city.

For more details, job descriptions, and salary conditions for these positions, you can visit the city's website: tps:// (slovak only).

people using map of Bezručova street in Trenčín



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