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Who is the course for?

The programme is designed for 50 people working in the cultural or tourism sector who want to improve their working English in specific topics (see below). These can be executives and managers as well as artists. The primary focus is on people from Trenčín and the Trenčín region.

What specific topics in English will the course develop?

What specific topics will the course develop?

· Presentation of the organisation/project/self

· Preparation of project documentation

· Accompanying international partners

· Networking in an international environment

· Telephoning and videoconferencing


What will it look like practically?


● The duration of the course is 32 weeks. We are starting in September with testing and in October with the actual course.

● It will run once a week for one hour.

● Participants will be trained in groups of five, into which they will be divided according to the entrance test.

● The course is for free, study materials will need to be purchased.


How to enrol in the course?

The registration for this school year is already closed. We will open the registration for new participants next year.

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