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Runway is the collective name for educational activities within the European Capital of Culture project Trenčín 2026. Runway | English for Culture and Tourism is an educational program primarily designed to better prepare people in the cultural sector for the year 2026 and open up new opportunities for them. 

Who is the course intended for? 

The program is designed for 50 individuals working in the fields of culture or tourism who wish to improve their professional English in various topics (see below). This includes managers, artists, and others. It primarily targets people from Trenčín and the Trenčín region. 

Registration is now closed. Next course in Septembter 2024.

What specific English language topics will the course cover? 

  • Presentation of organizations, projects, and oneself 

  • Preparation of project documentation 

  • Communication with international partners 

  • Networking in an international environment 

  • Telephone and video conferencing 

How will it work in practice? 

  • First, you need to register, and it should be done before the capacity is filled. 

  • Successfully registered participants will take an initial entrance test, and based on their results, they will be divided into groups of five. 

  • The education will run from October to June, once a week. 

  • The course is free, but participants will need to purchase study materials. 

  • Graduates of the previous course can also register. 

Registration is now closed. Next course in September 2024.

Registration is now closed. Next course in September 2024.


Project Runway | Culture Professionals is mananged by

Michaela Kučová

Project Manager for Transdisciplinary Activities

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