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Create your own event at Garage in Trenčín’s skatepark!

Band rehearsals, concerts, events, DJ sets, BBQs... the new and fully-equipped Garage space represents a wonderful opportunity for users to explore their creative and recreational imaginations.

Sign up your event through this open call.

A Garage at the skatepark?

Life is full of surprises. To support Trenčín’s European City of Culture candidacy, we have created an opportunity for youth to organise their own needs-based cultural programme. The project is supported by Trenčín 2026, famous Trenčín-based Pohoda Festival, and the skatepark community (represented by skater and Cherry Street musician Milan Hanuliak).

Where is Garage from and what is it for?

Pohoda Festival goers will recognise Garage is known to visitors of Pohoda as its smallest stage. “We see Garage as the foundation of the music scene, where many bands start out. Our band Bez ladu a skladu also began in our parents’ garage,” says Michal Kaščák, director of Pohoda Festival.

How will the skatepark’s Garage work?

Pohoda Festival and Trenčín 2026 have equipped it technically, while the programme will be created by the local community. Garage will be available at the skatepark during October and November, with Trenčín 2026’s production team ready to give advice and support - such as event admin and basic tech stuff like electricity and lighting.

How to sign up for a Garage event?

Do it in English at info@trencin2026 or in Slovak using Google form. We will ask: when do you plan the event, for how many people, and what kind of event? We will then give the green light if Garage is free on your preferred day. And by the way, all events and happenings must conform with our ethical stance, i.e. free from racism, etc.

So October and November at the skatepark, and then…?

If Trenčín wins ECoC2026, the plan is for Garage to travel around the city and its surroundings as a ‘pop-up’ opportunity for local art groups and communities to have Garage and organise their own programme. Mentoring support for organising cultural events will also be available. We just love the idea of Garage as a mobile caravan of cultural love!

Why is it important?

We want to give people the proactive opportunity to organise their own needs-based cultural programme. Being involved by getting involved. Enabling creativity by users themselves - that’s Trenčín 2026 in a nutshell. And Garage is not a lone initiative, similar approaches will also empower normal people of all ages to champion their own cultural goals.

Thank you and Garage is go!



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