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In 2026, our countries will host the title of European Capital of Culture. What unites us?

What do we have in common and in what do we differ? Let’s get to know each other some more!

Finland is the land of a thousand lakes with total lake count of 187 888. In terms of the landscape area to the number of lakes ratio, Finland is the most „watery“ country. Although we do not have such a huge number of lakes in Slovakia, our Žitný ostrov is the largest reservoir of drinking water in Central Europe.

The lowest measured temperature in Finland was -51.5 degrees Celsius, while in Slovakia it was -41.0 degrees, 10 degrees less.

Some of the world's most famous and admired designers come from Finland. The famous Ball chair from Eero Aarnio or Marimekko‘s famous poppy pattern Unikko, worn by Jackie O, just to name a few. Slovaks can also be considered world-class in design, with people like the typographer Petr Biľak, Crafting Plastics studio or the glassworks of Lednické Rovne.

Finland‘s Apocalyptica, HIM and Nightwish versus Trenčín’s CHVM, Bez ladu a skladu, Šmox, and Captain Slice.

It is really important to have fun. The Finnish people claim to have their crazy events like The Mobile Phone Throwing World Championship or the Air Guitar World Championship. Did you know though, that in Trenčín you could find the Grave Digging World Championship or the Lollipop Drawing World Championship? Our legendary events such as Splanekor or Kukanova 10 could also be envy worthy worldwide.

Free of charge. In both countries.

Can you pronounce the longest Finnish word: epäjärjestelmällistyttämättömyydelläänsäkäänköhän?
Well, our Meningoencefalomyelopolyradikuloneuritída isn’t the easiest either.

Could you name at least one unique Slovak animal? There are a few of them – the Tatra Chamois, Slovak Pouter, the Norik horse of Muráň or the Czechoslovakian wolfhound. Finns have their own rarity in the form of Saimaa ringed seals. This endangered species lives only on Finland’s largest lake Saimaa, and has just 310 live specimen.

Finland is the only place in the world where you can meet the real Santa Claus. Originally from Korvatunturi, the man lives in Rovaniemi, Lapland, where he greets visitors all year round. In Slovakia, you can send Baby Jesus (or Ježiško as he is known here in Slovakia) a Christmas card to the address Ježiško 999 99 via Slovak Post. You should always include the sender address when reaching out to him though, so his helpers can respond to you. Each picture that comes on a separate paper will be entered into the competition, and one of the drawings will become the subject of a children's Christmas postage stamp.

The ski season in Finland lasts 6 months. During the darkest winter days, the slopes are lit and in the spring the sun shines until late at night. Slovakia has more than a hundred ski resorts and almost 500 cable cars and ski-lifts for skiers. The longest ski slope in our country is in Tatranská Lomnica, and starts from Lomnické sedlo (5500 m), which also has the largest elevation gain (1308 m).

Did you know, that the games Angry Birds and Clash of Clans come from Finland? Slovakia on the other hand, is the birthplace of games like SeaPort, TrainStation, Spellcross, Chameleon, Vigor or Chaser.

Saunas are a part of Finland‘s national heritage. There are more than 3 million of them, which is more than the number of cars. Both their president and prime minister have their own official sauna. Even the ancient Romans were already building hot baths, and not only spending their free time in them, but also using them as a meeting place to argue over business and make political decisions. In addition to having a beneficial effect on the human body, the sauna is also a pleasant place to sit in a circle of loved ones. The first mention of "bathing in sweat" comes from the late Bronze Age (1500 - 900 BC). We could take
an example from this national sport, what do you say?

It may have something to do with the cold, but Finns simply love coffee. They consume more coffee per person than any other country in the world, on average that makes roughly 12 kg/year. They also have the highest consumption of milk per person. On the other hand, the average Slovak drinks about 12 liters of pure alcohol a year, while the Finn 8.7 liters. Mineral water is a leading choice of beverage from soft drinks in Slovakia. In 2019, Slovaks bought 812 million liters of soft drinks, which means an average of 149 liters of soft drinks per year per Slovak.




Do you know of any other interesting fact that we forgot? We will be more than happy if you let us know so we can add it in here.

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