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Our Vision

A nationwide stereotype that culture always comes last and gets cut first is often reflected in the priorities of our cities and regions. We need Cultivating Curiosity to be our cultural cure and technique to address this issue. Curiosity is powerful yet free, and it can be used from the smallest doses and sustainably grow into something exciting. ​


Cultivating Curiosity is about shifting grounds, new ways of learning, seeing things in different perspectives, developing our natural ability to observe, discovering and learning on a personal level but also in our society. Curiosity needs to be cultivated, nurtured and encouraged by culture, inspired by environments and education, so it can grow and flourish.



Let's be curious

Let's discover our new identity

Let's step outside of our comfort zones

Let's be open-minded

Let's enjoy our public space

Let's create new opportunities

Let's be creative and active

Let's be confident

Let's be ambitious and realistic

Let's play and stay connected

Let's be involved and helpful


Let's create new opportunities

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