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What’s new in our team?

We enjoyed a summer full of doubled experiences with Kateřina Šedá’s Sobota v nedeľu (Saturday on Sunday) project. All the unique experiences - which aimed to make up for lost pandemic events last year by doubling the fun this year - were created and organised by Trenčín locals in cooperation with our production team. Thank you!

During the summer we were also hard at work answering additional questions from the ECoC jury, and including them in Trenčín’s candidature programme.

The jury is particularly interested in how we’re including the EU aspect in our 2026 programme. Are we going to involve familiar Slovak artists as well as international names, and connect with EU cities, institutions, and media? As you can imagine, the jury came with a notebook full of questions: programme timeframes, topics, and places, about the organiser, if the city and surroundings have enough capacity to accommodate tourists as well as artists. How do we plan to overcome the language barrier so that ECoC visitors can easily get a taxi, hotel, or coffee? The jury is also interested in financing, marketing and outreach.

We built our answers based on meetings, consultations and closed partnerships. We are seeking real opportunities for our city and region so that this five-year project delivers a much needed boost.

In October the text’s graphic design - the approx. 100-page programme Bid Book - should be completed. We are also filming a short movie for the second round, and preparing for the jury's visit.

The latest information is that the jury is going to visit Trenčín in early December. The traditional first round candidacy visit had been sadly cancelled due to covid restrictions - so this will be the first time we can show Trenčín jury members. It promises to be an eye-opening experience for them and very exciting for us!

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Thank you!

Photo credit: Juraj Majerský

Passers-by join graphic designer Peter Štuller as a part of the Sobota v nedeľu (Saturday on Sunday) project.



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