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What does the Bid book for the second round look like and what language is it in?

On November 2, we submitted our Bid book to the Ministry of Culture for the second round of candidacy for the European Capital of Culture 2026.

The Bid book is a 100-page book containing the programme of Trenčín as European Capital of Culture. It covers not only the year in which Trenčín would be the title holder - i.e. 2026 - but also the preparation period from 2021 to 2025. The programme must stand on firm ground and be sustainable and feasible. Therefore, the Bid book also includes budgets, project management, plans and solutions for the renovation and reconstruction of buildings and public spaces, European cooperation, the involvement of organisations and residents, the creation of accommodation facilities, media coverage towards the citizens, Slovakia but also the whole of Europe.

We have handed over 20 copies of the book to the Ministry and they are intended for the Ministry and for the expert committee that evaluates the projects.

In English, in Slovak and also easy to read versions

The entire Bid book is in English for the time being. However, by the end of November we have to submit the Bid book in Slovak as well. Both versions will then be freely available on our website.

However, the Bid book also has an 'easy to read' version aimed at marginalised and disadvantaged groups. The 23-page easy to read version contains large print and pictograms. Thanks to this, the content of the project can be accessible to everyone.We created it together with the Polish Impact Foundation. The English version of the easy-to-read Bid book is available on our web, the Slovak version is coming up soon.

Creative design right from the cover

Bid books have different forms of covers. The covers differ in colour - the six colours of the covers symbolise the six objectives of the candidacy:

· Nature matters

· City matters

· People matter

· Culture matters

· Community matters

· Europe matters

At the same time, the envelopes depict rubber bands moulded into different shapes. This is a shift from the Bid book in the first round, where the shaped coloured rubber band as a symbol of the search for the identity of the city of Trenčín was designed by graphic designer Martin Pyšný, a member of our team.

"Now we have given the rubber band in the hands of the people of Trenčín and let them shape it and with it the identity of our city," explains Lucia Dubačová, manager of the Trenčín 2026 project. On the envelopes we can find shapes created by all age groups, from children to seniors. The graphic design was done by Martin Pyšný. Dubačová adds: "Although it may seem like an odd thing to do, mirroring the philosophy of the candidacy in the design of the book is a common practice for candidate cities. We have taken inspiration from past and future European Capitals of Culture."

Photo: After a theatre performance by mime Vlado Kulíšek in Trenčín's Sihoť, the audience formed shapes out of rubber bands, which made it onto the envelopes of Trenčín's Bid book for the second round of candidacy. Thank you, Vlado, for this opportunity! Photographed by Juraj Majerský, thank you!



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