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We celebrated Europe Day with more than 200 photos from you!

As part of the Europe Day activity, we addressed around 300 partners or foreign cities from all over the European Union and several thousand inhabitants through social networks. We managed to collect more than 200 photos of popular places, from which we plan to organize an exhibition not only in Trenčín but also in Brussels and even make a European memory game out of them.

We thank

You can view all photos via our social media.

We also choose the most interesting here:

  1. Fuertrventura

  2. Haluzice, Slovakia

  3. Hlava 5

  4. Galéria M.A. Bazovského

  5. Hildescheim 2025

  6. Trenčín Synagogue

  7. Ukraine, Transcarpathian region

  8. Oslo

  9. Tukums

  10. Zalavár, Hungary

  11. Kragujevac

  12. Esch sur alzette



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