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Trenčín was also changing at the Pohoda festival

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

This year we joined forces at Pohoda. Together with the Cultural and Creative Centre Hviezda, the Creative Centre of Trenčín University, the civic association Naše Zálesíčko and the civic association For Maat we showed visitors that there is a lot to look forward to in Trenčín. And already now, interesting activities are gradually being created, which people will be able to participate in.

Our background was in the heart of the festival, in the cellular space for culture, which was created thanks to the Civic Association Naše Zálesíčko. We will experience this complex in Trenčín, first at the Hviezda Cutural Centre, then as part of the festival space at the Fiesta Bridge (the old railway bridge).

The interactive mock-up of the festival space, which will be located on the waterfront in Trenčín, was especially interesting for children at Pohoda. They created a public space according to their imagination. Public spaces are the focus of the European Capital of Culture's City Reimagined project, and thanks to our involvement in the international Cities in Placemaking training, we are learning how to create them in a way that makes us feel as comfortable as in our own living rooms.

We also gave visitors a glimpse into the future of our city. The audio walk through a part of Trenčín included our vision of what people could experience in the European Capital of Culture 2026.

And they could also send a message for the future. Postcards from Pohoda will be sent in January 2026 as a reminder that Trenčín is the European Capital of Culture and an invitation not to miss its programme.

Creative Centre of Trenčín University FabLab attracted people with 3D scanners and printers. You could have your head scanned and have your bust printed on a 3D printer. According to Fab Lab, this is a device of the future that many of us will have in our homes in just a short while. And if not, the FabLab at TNUNI is opening in the fall, we can learn 3D scanning and printing and use it there.

The theme of the Star was a portrait on the theme You are Trenčín too. Using painting, photography and audiovisual recording, artists from the Formaat civic association and Hviezda captured portraits of the festival participants. The Hviezda Cultural Center, which plans to open this fall, comes with a wide range of offerings. In addition to the programme and education, it will also offer the public the opportunity to use technology, for example in the audiovisual field.

In addition to the activities, we also joined together in the spoken word, in a discussion about the cities of the future. In the photo from left to right: Peter Derevenec (architect AŽ Projekt, Civic Association Naše Zálesíčko) Juraj Benda (director of Hviezda Culcural Center), Lenka Kuricová (artistic director, Trenčín 2026), Tomáš Hanulík (director of the Creative Centre Fab Lab TNUNI), Martin Staňo (moderator, Rádio FM).

Thank you for being with us at Pohoda!

Trenčín is changing, stay tuned. To make sure you don't miss anything, sign up for our newsletter, which we are launching soon.



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