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Trenčín comes with a rich offer for young musical talents

Starting bands and young talents will have the opportunity to present their work, improve their skills in their musical genre or in promoting their work. Right now, they can apply not only to our open call“Concert in the Garage” but also to the Summer Music School in Hviezdodvor.

band of 4 musicians is playing on podium

Summer music school in Hviezdodvor

The cultural-creative centre Hviezda is opening registration for the Summer Music School, which will be part of a multi-genre summer school, including, for example, photography, film and art workshops.

“We focus on working with young talents over the age of 18. In the summer music school, participants will consult their work with experts in the given musical genre. Individuals and bands can apply,” says Anton Šulík, dramaturg of KKC Hviezda.

The workshop will also include a live performance of young talents in the Hviezdodvor – in the cultural area next to the Hviezda building. Participants will receive a professional audiovisual recording of the live performance, which can be used to promote their own work. Registration for the Summer Music School is open until 28 April. Click here for more information.

Perform in the Garage!

Together with the Pohoda festival, we are starting the third year of the well-known Garage project. After Garage in the skatepark and last year's Garage in M. R. Štefánik Park, this year they are focusing on emerging bands.

“In August and September we are planning a series of showcase concerts at the Garage. Every two weeks several bands will perform. These will be selected by an expert jury from the musical groups that can apply to the open call Concert in the Garage until 15 May,” explains Zdenka Pepelová, Garage project manager.

Beginning music groups from all over Slovakia, regardless of age and genre, can participate. The condition is only to have their own music creation. In addition to the honoured concert in the Garage, the bands will also participate in an educational block with selected Slovak and foreign professionals, which will provide an orientation in the functioning of the music industry and basic know-how on how to make it in it.

“Bands will learn, for example, what is involved in recording an album, how to book bands for clubs and music festivals, and how to get their music on the radio,” says Zdenka Pepelová. The full text of the call and the conditions of participation can be found by clicking here.

Šulík and Pepelová jointly summed up: “Those who meet the eligibility criteria to apply for both projects are certainly encouraged to do so. The Garage and the Summer Music School will bring a different kind of experience, knowledge and experiences that complement each other and will push young talented people to a higher level”.



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