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Trenčín 2026: a unique opportunity for companies

When speaking about the European Capital of Culture (ECoC), we often imagine only the broad cultural range as well as increased tourism. Yet this five-year project will deliver benefits far beyond that - significantly influencing the whole region. ECoC will positively impact companies, and companies can positively impact the programme. It really does represent a once-in-generation win-win opportunity for all stakeholders.

In early September, we gave an inaugural introduction of the candidacy programme to representatives of key Trenčín region organisations. The event was hosted by the Mayor of Trenčín, Richard Rybníček, and the President of the Trenčín Self-governing Region, Jaroslav Baška.

Companies can get involved and support the Trenčín 2026 vision by sharing know-how, and offering in-kind or financial support.

How does the ECoC title affect the business sector? Reconstructions of buildings, development of public spaces, organisation of cultural events, and increased tourism will create new jobs and exciting opportunities. That in turn will increase visibility and demand for your services and products. And if the ECoC vision becomes reality, the quality of life in the city and region will also receive a much-needed boost.

By providing support, companies can strengthen their brand recognition and promote corporate social responsibility with employees, with the latter also attending cultural events. Business organisations can provide general support for ECoC, or preferentially choose to support a topic or theme most in line with their strategy or employees’ needs. It could be music, architecture, design, projects focusing on inclusion/ecology, promoting physical/mental health, etc.

ECoC will deliver the most advantages and benefits to the city and region only when citizens, institutions, organisations, and companies come together in a united and positive community approach to get the most out of this opportunity.

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