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The winners of the first Garage open call are announced

We are delighted to announce that the winners of the Garage's first open call and its adoptive parents for the period from August to October 2022 are:

Yasmine Cabanová and Marek Niejadlík


Who are Yasmine Cabanová and Marek Niejadlík?

Yasmine and Marek are friends from Trenčín, who share an interest in art, a desire to gain new experiences and meet new people with a desire to do something significant for culture in our country.

Yasmine Cabanová studies Dramaturgy and Music Management at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. She studied her second year at the Department of Music Production at the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts in Brno. During both semesters she worked in the theater on the production of a student chamber opera. The first semester as an assistant, the second as a producer. In 2021 and 2022, she interned at the Sharpe Showcase Festival in Bratislava.

Marek Niejadlík organizes his own drum and bass event called Deer Bass, which will take place this month for the 17th time. He is also a co-organizer of the Open Mic held at Club Lúč. In addition, he himself works as a producer in the field of electronic music. In 2021, he and his friends formed the rap group Spicy India, for which he produces music, and they released their own EP in late 2021.

Who are they planning to collaborate with on the Garage program?

Yasmine and Marek cooperate with Trenčín's Klub Lúč, Fest Art and the civic association Formaat, which was founded by a group of Trenčín artists. Already during the preparation of the application they approached several bands and artists.

How do they envision the Garage program under their leadership? Why did they win?

Yasmine and Marek’s proposal was well processed and included several genres that will appeal to different types of people. We can look forward to musical performances in the form of concerts, literary in the form of author readings or visual as openings or shows.

Their application was the best prepared not only in terms of the quality of the programme but also in terms of content. They came up with a precise plan of events, agreed collaborations with artists and partners. They had a clear, elaborated plan for quality events, a specific budget and technical requirements. We positively evaluate their interest in gaining new experience in the organisation of cultural events and in the creation of dramaturgy.

When will you find out more about the location of the Garage and the programme?

After obtaining the necessary permits, we will be happy to let you know where the Garage will move to after Pohoda and what you can look forward to in our city in August.

Read more about the Garage's first open call here:

Photo: Martin Daško

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