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The power of volunteering

The power of volunteering lies in its ability to positively impact individuals, communities, and society as a whole. Volunteers often work on projects that improve the quality of life for people in their surroundings, fostering a stronger sense of belonging and shared responsibility. It’s an excellent way to learn new skills, gain experience, and broaden horizons. Volunteering can also boost self-esteem and confidence as we see the positive impact of our work. Additionally, it is associated with better physical and mental health. Volunteers are often the backbone of non-profit organizations, without whom many of these organizations could not function effectively or provide their services.

Volunteering in the context of European Capital of Culture projects, for example in Tartu, Estonia, and Kaunas, Lithuania, has attracted a large number of participants who contributed to the success of these significant cultural projects. The number of volunteers in both cities was impressive, and their participation was crucial for the implementation of various activities and events. In Tartu, the European Capital of Culture 2024, there are currently about 1,229 active volunteers. Kaunas had as many as 1,500 in 2022.

Foro: Daniela Dolinská

Volunteers are also an indispensable force and support for our team and the Trenčín 2026 project. Thanks to them, we can successfully achieve the goals of the European Capital of Culture title. Volunteering significantly helped with the Korzo Palackého project as well. Their work had a significant impact on the overall atmosphere of the event and contributed to the positive impression of the visitors.

What Tasks and Activities Did Volunteers Engage In?

  • Assisting with production

  • Animating children's activities

  • Backstage help and performer support

  • Waste separation at events

  • Monitoring

  • Marketing support

  • Navigating Slovak and international visitors

  • And much more

We are continually looking for new members to join our growing volunteer program and we would be happy to welcome you among us. As our program develops, new positions will emerge that we will need help with.

The power of volunteering is in its ability to connect people, build stronger communities, and bring about positive change at various levels of society.

So What About You? Can you see the power of volunteering? Join us and help us with the Trenčín 2026 project.



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