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The June meeting will introduce capacity building programs

On Tuesday, June 21, 2022, we invite all those who want to develop in the field of culture to a meeting dedicated to Trenčín 2026 capacity building programs.

This spring 2022 we followed up on meetings with the Trenčín region cultural community. For those interested in the European Capital of Culture Trenčín 2026 project, we have introduced the Creative Institute Trenčín, which organizes the entire project. We talked about how the project plan - the Bidbook - was created, what are the activities, their schedule, main goals and how the cultural community can get involved.

The feedback showed that people are particularly curious about the specific possibilities of involvement in the project, as well as the workshops and training. That is exactly what we will address now.

At the meeting in June, we will present Trenčín 2026 capacity building programs, which will start in the autumn. There will be three types of capacity building programs:

  • for professionals who are already involved in culture in the Trenčín region and would like to develop their organization or project internationally,

  • for young people who want to gain experience in organizing cultural events and festivals,

  • for everybody who wants to be active in their communities and carry out cultural and community activities within the project Trenčín 2026.

More coming out soon on our social networks and the website


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