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Tasting the New Trenčín 2026

Trenčín is transforming and getting ready for the year 2026 when it will become the European Capital of Culture. This transformation includes the new look of our project, which you can now taste.

We build on the good that we already have in Trenčín. Into these foundations, we infuse fresh air. Piece by piece, we assemble the city. We are changing it for the better by revitalizing unused places, bringing new experiences, and opportunities.

Ukážka ako môže vizerať pllagát s novou vizuálnou identitou Trenčín 2026

All of this is reflected in the new appearance, the so-called visual identity. Its foundation is a unique, custom-created font that will now easily distinguish all our activities.

4 varianty použitia farieb v písme z novej vizuálnej identity Trenčín 2026

In addition, the font, colors, and logo reflect the comprehensiveness of the entire project – it is not just a festival of events but a project that will propel Trenčín forward.



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