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Signed cooperation with the University of Trenčín

The declaration of mutual support was signed on June 7, 2021 by the Rector of the Alexander Dubček University of Trenčín, Jozef Habánik, the Mayor of Trenčín, Richard Rybníček, and the Project Manager of project Trenčín2026, Lucia Dubačová.

The declaration is a mutual support of the flagship cultural initiative of the European Union for the European Capital of Culture and an expression of a common vision of the city of Trenčín as the European Capital of Culture. „Trenčín is a beautiful historical city. Trenčín is our city. It has raised a great many personalities and deserves full standing as a European Capital of Culture 2026,“ said the rector of the University of Trenčín Jozef Habánik, adding that the University of Trenčín provides education to more than 2,600 students from all over Slovakia and abroad. „We are an integral part of the European education and research area, we have partnership agreements with more than 75 universities in the European Union, but also with universities outside the common European area. Approximately 150 foreign students study at the university,“ J. Habánik continued with the belief that the declaration would strengthen Trenčín's candidacy for ECOC 2026.

„I am very pleased about this and I am happy for such an initiative. I want to thank everyone who helps us to run in dignity, and I believe that we will succeed. I believe that our city will be the European Capital of Culture in 2026,“ concluded the rector of the University of Trenčín J. Habánik.

According to the declaration, the efforts to obtain a degree will be reflected in the cooperation and development of projects, the international networking of the university and also the cooperation on data collection and the overall process of monitoring and evaluation of the Trenčín2026 project. „You are an integral part of the city and we cannot even imagine that we would run without you, the connection between the city and the university is absolutely natural,“ said the mayor Richard Rybníček after signing the declaration. „We will see what happens in December of this year, when I will make a decision, but I am convinced that the connection between the city of Trenčín, the University of Trenčín and the Trenčín self-governing region itself is absolutely crucial for us to be successful in this project. I look forward to cooperation and all the nice things that await us together.“



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