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#revolution, #light and #sustainability is the themes we share with Timisoara 2023

Revolution, light and sustainability are our common themes with Timisoara - the European Capital of Culture 2023.

Timisoara was one of the first places in Romania where the revolution began, which was largely reflected in their project "reMIND mapping 89". It was the topic of the revolution that they captured by connecting young people with the older generation, who tell their personal stories through the project. All stories will be available online via an emotional city map (so far only in Romanian language) -

Together with Timisoara, we plan how we could reflect on their program in Trenčín and in the region. We are happy that we have the opportunity to bring their underground bands among us, but also, for example, a theater in which we hear stories of censorship or resistance - again, topics that are close to us.

Our bands also plan to travel to Timisoara. We believe that our music band "Bez ladu a skladu" will be a hit at their city festival.

Timisoara also has a European leadership with electric street lighting. And it is light that will be the subject of our cooperation within the Cultivating Curiosity project, for example through the "Festival of Light and Shadow" program from the workshop of Trenčín artists TRAKT. In this case, Timisoara will help us with the selection of interesting lighting installations in public spaces. We will also talk a lot about the "addictive light".

Thank you for a pleasant conversation and we look forward to further cooperation.



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