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Press conference with Kateřina Šeda about the project Saturday on Sunday

On 9th of 2021, a press discussion took place with the Czech artist Kateřina Šeda, the manager of the Trenčín 2026 project Lucia Dubačová, as well as the mayor of Trenčín Richard Rybníček. The conference was focused on the presentation of the art project SATURDAY ON SUNDAY - Special compensation bonus 2021, which takes place in Trenčín from June to September 2021.

One of the goals of the Saturday on Sunday project is to try to open the borders of different areas and connect people who have not met before.

"The problem with a pandemic is also that we try to compensate for things that we can consider, measure, count, but no one compensates us for lost experiences. And that's what this project is about. We will try to compensate lost experiences from 2020 by giving extra experiences as a compensation bonus in 2021.

People will be given the opportunity of a double experience. For example, they can see football, where 4 teams with 2 balls will play, they can be cut by 2 hairdressers at once, they can take a tour of the castle with 2 guides - in short, they can be part of something completely unconventional. It was important for me not to duplicate the cuts, but create experiences, "says K. Šedá, according to whom it was essential to involve in the project the areas most affected by the pandemic - education, tourism, shops and services, culture, sports. Anyone can participate in this compensation bonus creatively and in an original way. For example, on August 1, restaurants, cafes and bars in Trenčín came up with a bonus for their customers. The public can also get involved with their compensation bonus ideas.

If you would like to know more, see for example the media output from the national television RTVS at 00:42:13



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