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Pin your helper badge

A sheltered workshop made and donated the badges, a well-known illustrator donated the motif. You can take them from six locations in Trenčín for a voluntary contribution. You will be contributing to help people from Ukraine who have found refuge in Trenčín.

We feel the need to help and all we can do is make badges and other promotional items with our clients with mental disabilities. We thought, let's make and distribute the badges for a voluntary contribution and give the money to people fleeing war who need it now,“ wrote Barbora Tomanová, director of the Day Care Centre with a sheltered workshop Aliis in Trenčianska Teplá.

It seemed like a great opportunity to combine the badges with the celebration of Europe Day. We found the ideal motif linking the European Union and Ukraine in an illustration by the well-known Slovak illustrator Danglár „Mission in Ukraine“ for Denník N newspaper. We approached both the publisher and the illustrator and they gladly agreed to our idea.

At the Europe in Trenčín event, people contributed 107.51 euros. This was used to buy material aid (washing powder, cleaning products, hygiene supplies), which was organized by KC Aktivity in cooperation with the city of Trenčín in OC MAX. Now the dispensary is no longer functioning, but KC Aktivity continues to provide targeted assistance to people from Ukraine who have found refuge in our city.

The badges remain, the war continues, and the needs do not abate. We can continue to contribute to material aid with a voluntary badge donation.

Badges can be found:

Every euro counts, and on behalf of everyone involved, we thank you!

PS: If you would like to support the work of the Aliis sheltered workshop, order promotional or gift items from them. They make badges, magnets, buttons and mirrors in different sizes and types and from one piece. Read more here: .



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