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Lucia Dubačová is leaving the post of Trenčín 2026 CEO

Lucia Dubačová, at her own request, is leaving her position as the Chief Executive Officer of the Creative Institute Trenčín (CIT), which implements the project of European Capital of Culture Trenčín 2026. She will hold her post until the end of August.

Lucia Dubačová led the Trenčín 2026 team already during the candidacy and actively participated in the preparation of the winning project. Together with the other members of the candidacy team, she contributed to the fact that Trenčín is going to be the capital of Slovakia in 2026, at least in the field of culture.

"I considered the decision to leave the position of CEO very honestly. I am connected with the project not only as a CEO, but also as a co-author. I am thrilled that a dream and vision is becoming a reality and we are implementing a project that will move my hometown forward. However, there are personal reasons in my life that do not allow me to be present in Trenčín as much as before. At the same time, I am well aware that the project requires my presence," Dubačová explains her reasons for leaving. "I feel that I leave behind a strong team that carries on with the project," she adds.

The personnel change in the position of Chief Executive Officer will happen in a standard way in cooperation with the Board of Trustees of the Creative Institute Trenčín and in accordance with the needs of the organisation.

We greatly appreciate Lucia's contribution to the whole project and wish her every success in her future professional life.



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