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Join us on a hunt for the sounds of Trenčín!

The sounds of awakening nature, birds, trees and animals in the weighing meadow are mixed with the voices of recreational athletes, who have been lured back to the field after the winter warming. From the opposite bank comes the typical soundscape of the city and traffic. A train passes once in 20 minutes. This is also how Trenčín sounds. Accept the invitation to listen to the soundscape of Trenčín and the banks of the Váh. What the city once sounded like before we humans were here, we will never know. But we can — and should — get to know what it sounds like today. 

We invite you to the soundwalk by artists Fero Király and Eva Vozárová and Trenčín Hi-fi / Lo-fi, which will be the final event of the sound intervention Sound Atlas of the Bridge — an urban guide to dreaming of spring. It was created especially for Trenčín and it was played on the old railway bridge over the Váh river during this winter. We will finish dreaming of spring shortly after its arrival: on April 1, symbolically on World Bird Day.

What is a soundwalk?

In the tradition of acoustic ecology, the term soundwalk refers to a stay in the landscape with the main purpose of listening to it and getting to know it, through the concentrated perception of its sounds.

The performance is also part of the author cycle of F. Király and E. Vozárová Sound Topographies series, which is a series with a simple aim: to listen to the world and the soundscape. To listen is to create space for new questions. By listening we observe — we study — the acoustic manifestations of the landscape and its sound quality. We are mapping the world, discovering acoustic spaces, looking for connections, building relationships.

The Trenčín Hi-fi / Lo-fi event will take place on 1 April from 15:00 to 16:30 in the all-weather outdoor venue. We will meet up in Bufet pri Lodenici. Please bring appropriate clothing and footwear.

We look forward to seeing you!



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