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How do you imagine Europe in 5 years?

Join us in the #curiouseurope  #trenčín2026 challenge and share with us your vision for the future of Europe. The idea of ​​the project is to learn as much as possible about your dream future.


We sent the printed tables to dozens of cities, embassies and organizations in Europe. They will also be available in Slovakia, the city of Trenčín, the region as well as via social networks or for download via the web.


We hope that it is through the #curiouseurope project that we will move ideas about the future as far as possible.


Do you want to join?


1. You can download the tables via this link (SK version) (ENG version) or we will send it to you (write to


2. You can share the table online, just add your answer. Don't forget to use #trencin2026 #curiouseurope and tag @ trencin2026


3.We'll be happy if you take a picture with the table and share this photo with your friends. Don't forget to use #trencin2026 #curiouseurope and mark @trencin2026 so we can put you in the draw for interesting prizes.


Get inspired by the photos below :)

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