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Discover Trenčín

Get to know Trenčín and its surroundings through the interactive map we have prepared. We've summarized places and tips we think might interest you. We would very much like this map to help you wander the alleys while learning something new. You can walk to Trenčín in terms of architecture, history or culture. You will also find a place for a great drink, where to work or where and for how much to park or blow your bike. We plan to constantly add to the map, it is currently running in a trial version and we are already preparing other sections. If you would like to add more information to the map, add photos or let us know that we are missing something in it, be sure to write to us. We chose places on the map according to our own discretion and experience. 


How does the map work?


The color name of the category also determines the points on the map. Choose what interests you, click on the point or select it directly in the search engine.

The map is in Slovak language, we will bring a translation into English soon.


Trenčín si TY
Urban Revitalisation Project


Urban Interventions

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