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Let's talk about the future right now through workshops and symposium DIGITAL MODULARITY

Together with collaboration with our partner Subdigital we are organizing interdisciplinary workshop and symposium with a topic of linking prefabrication and modularity of 20th century to new design approaches of 21st century and ideas of the New European Bauhaus.


The project DIGITAL MODULARITY focused on connecting the design and architecture students and graduates, professionals from creative industries, digital arts, and design community with public.


It will take place during august and September 2021 in the towns of Partizánske (SK), Zlín (CZ), Trenčianske Teplice (SK) and Trenčín (SK) in collaboration with local culture partners. 


20 - 22. 08. 2021 / WORKSHOP Partizánske ​

06 - 10. 09. 2021 / WORKSHOP Zlín ​

01 - 03. 10. 2021 / SYMPÓZIUM Trenčianske Teplice ​

Október / November 2021 / VÝSTAVA Trenčín

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