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Celebrate Europe Day with us from 3 to 9 May 2021 through your photos and create #curiouseurope

Let's travel around Europe together through photos and arouse curiosity in Europe :) We want you to celebrate Europe Day with us from 3rd to 9th of April 2021 through your favourite places. All you have to do is to share a photo of your favourite place with us. 

We know that in the past few months the whole Europe was locked down and people could travel mostly only in their region. We decided that we will turn this disadvantage into a big photo traveling project, which (we hope) will connect the whole Europe. We don't need to travel anywhere right now - we need only you and your favorite places! 


Who can join? 


Everyone! We welcome organisations, institutions, other ECoCs, cities all across Europe, individuals, students, partners, teachers or whoever loves to take pictures :) 


How to do it? 


Do you have your favourite spot and you want to share it with other people? We want to try to create the biggest photo exchange in Europe. Maybe your photo will be the one, which will bring more tourists and visitors into your city, region or to see your let's say local gallery :)


From the best photos, we would like to organise an exhibition at one of our events, create the memory cards and also try to get these photos to the European Parliament.  


Europe day will last the whole week from Monday 3. 5. 2021 till Sunday 9. 5. 2021. You have one week to share pictures with us on your or our social media, or send it to to our e-mail. 


On social media, you can share it on your wall or put it as stories, but don't forgot to use hashtags #curiouseurope#cultivatingcuriosity#trencin2026#homeateurope and tag @trencin2026.


For more question do not hesitate to contact o us on

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